We are Smokecraft

Introducing Robert

Father of two kids, born in Berlin, a city person who now lives near Cologne. In younger days, he lived in Spain,
Thailand, and Australia for quite some time. These countries had an especially formative and lasting influence on
his perceptions of people and nature. He lived like a nomad, sleeping in a camper or tent at rest stops, in a
hammock, or just on a sheet rolled out in the green, full of creativity.


After a seminar on smoking techniques, founder Robert Köcke wondered if it would be possible to smoke glass to extract the aromas and flavors preserved in wood so that they could be stored. He started scouring markets around Berlin for used glasses and vases that he could smoke. These halting first steps would prove to be the start of an extraordinary story. Now, three years on, his method has been refined, so it is much more accurate,
cleaner, and more effective. That idea was the cornerstone of a remarkable and adventurous journey which would stretch from the company’s founding in the greenhouses of a large plant nursery to today’s secret production method and very special vodka – a vodka that has won multiple awards and is in a category all its own, worldwide. Single wood vodka.

Future vision

To us, the most exciting thing is the sheer diversity of wood available. From hardwood to fruitwood, each type has a fresh aroma all its own, and we’d like to discover them all. Combining different wood chips into specific recipes,
which is something we’re working on right now, can evoke entire barrel bouquets, just with much less time and resources than before. And with that, SMOKECRAFT has just happened to develop an alternative to traditional barrel aging at the same time.
Our goal for the future is to develop new products, but also to work for external companies that don’t have anything in common with spirits.
We invite you to rethink conventional production methods and barrel aging and learn more about what we do. All it takes is a bit of courage. The times are changing! SMOKECRAFT can help make the long, costly wait times
involved in barrel aging more bearable in financial terms. We create a clear competitive advantage. We can refine young wine, spirits or foods, like soy granules, sorbet, coffee (including iced coffee), tomatoes, and much more.

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